Tuesday, 8 April 2008

More Chocolate Cake please!

For everyone who liked the song from My Friend The Chocolate Cake yesterday there's a special bonus courtesy of ABC Radio National (that's the Australian public broadcaster ABC - not the other one) show 'Music Deli'.

Recorded live at Victoria's Queenscliff Music Festival in November 2007, it's pretty damn impressive indeed - classic Melbourne music. My faves are "Let's Go Walk This Town" and the classic "I've Got A Plan" - but click here to listen and decide for yourself. You'll have to be quick though: the ABC doesn't usually leave these up for very long.

PS. Guess what Mrs. Caliban is going to be hearing on high rotation for the next few days... ;-)


FranIAm said...

Well, I loved that, so I headed off to the link and have just begun to listen to the ABC content.

Thanks Alcibiades!!

FranIAm said...

How you have influenced me!!!

Kate Morningstar said...

Soon's I finish listening to MP's Cathars, I'll listen the My Friend The Chocolate Cake again -- last night's offering was wonderful.