Thursday, 4 October 2007

Why a duck?

... and who is Caliban?

Are you one of those weird liberal Anglo-Catholics that don't believe in the bible?

Are you questioning the fact that there are no Christians left in the world except for Sydney, a few African countries where Our Missionaries taught them the truth, and a couple of places in England where God sent John Chapman , the Jensens and a catalogue from Matthias Media to bring salvation?

How dare you keep asking questions when everything's been decided?

Welcome friends to the blog that never ends.
All this and more can and will be discussed anon - but right now I've got to get up and wipe my daughter's nose (she's 18 months old and kind of snotty) before taking the dogs for a walk and joining my wife (& the afore-mentioned little girl) for a coffee in the park.

... where we'll be laughing at anyone who has already been annoyed by our tiny little corner of this all-too mortal coil. Welcome Aboard!


JCF said...


You're calling yourself Alcibiades???


Forgive me---it's not like I've copyrighted it, or anything.

It's just that I've been using it as an (at least part-time) nom-du-net for about 12 years now, and I'm just a bit shocked to see this appellation (nicked from my favorite "switch-hitting"---in more ways than one *g*---Athenian general, of Pelpponnesian Wars fame) used by somebody else!

With me, it dates back to my immersian in All Things Greek, arising out of my IMMENSE LOVE for the (quasi-) Greek superhero(ine), Xena, Warrior Princess. How did you come by this handle?

JCF, aka AlciBIades

Alcibiades said...

Sorry if my nom-de-blog has startled you: I can honestly say I'd never encountered you online before, and I really had no intention to copy your (or anyone else’s) pseudonym. I think the web (as well as Alcibiades' legacy) is big enough for the two of us, and I promise to never capitalize any letter other than the initial "A".

I’ve been a fan of the great General/Statesman/Politician/Orator since first encountering him in high-school history classes. Described by Plutarch as "the least scrupulous and most entirely careless of human beings", and yet but by Diodorus as "in spirit brilliant and intent upon greatness", I love his impulsive genius and charm. As well as the confusion and division he continues to arouse among people studying him.

Love him or hate him, Alcibiades still forces us to think when trying to asses him - which was probably my real reason for wanting to use his name here...

... that, and the fact that he was also pilloried by a populous to sheep-like too understand what he was trying to achieve.

Sorry, but I'm not too familiar with the Xena series - though I love the country it was made in ;-)

Greg the Explorer said...

So...why a duck?

Having had a pleasurable morning trawling through your blog (and avoiding a whole lot of work i should have been doing!) I will now certainly be revisiting...soon.

From a number of the things you have written you have had quite the journey to get where you are today and I look forward to reading more of your writing.


Greg Colby