Monday, 28 April 2008

Dean Jensen: "Let's party like it's 1517!"

This week's Message from the Dean shows the tradition of sectarian ranting lives on. Then again, it's also kind of funny; but how can a homily beginning "Protestantism is a protest. Our protest is against the enormity of the claims of the Roman Catholic Church." be anything else?

What's even funnier is the logical contortions he undergoes in order to stress that although Catholicism is the nadir of heresy, there's nothing wrong with the state government spending buckets of taxpayers money subsidising World Youth Day. "In the larger picture of our finances" Dean Jensen explains, "it is a small amount of money". Yeah right: the current figure of $86 million is nothing. Loose change in our pockets.

Of course there's no secret about the real reason for going soft on this appalling diversion of public funds away from frivolities like hospitals, schools and child-care. If the politicians spend money on the Catholics this year there's a good chance the Sydney Anglicans can squeeze them for a few dollars next year, isn't there?


Doorman-Priest said...

Oh you cynic, you.

Good on you.

FranIAm said...

One man's contradiction is another's rationalization.

And frankly, I stand with the one with the contradiction.

How can he go on like that? It is deeply sad, is it not?

BTW, all the way over in this hemisphere, I hang my RC head in some shame.

World Youth Day. Another legacy of JPII.

It looks so juicy good on the surface to some, but frankly always makes me want to have a weak tummy.

Alcibiades said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Fran, and please don't feel any need to be ashamed. To be honest I can't find it in myself to be too critical of WYD. Sure I'm appalled by the cost, and I really don't think it's appropriate the government be throwing so much money at a religious event (and, while I'm listing the bad points, I've had quite a lot of dealings with one of the senior lay organisers of WYD in his previous secular role - and I'm not going to get started on what a corrupt dishonest bastard he was)... but the idea itself isn't that bad.

The kids that come will have a fantastic trip they'll rememember all their life, they'll be safe and reasonably supervised (so their families won't be too worried) and they'll feel like they're a part of something big and very exciting. As far as dumb things teenagers can do WYD is pretty mild, and even though the Church's aim is to gee them up as fundamentalists for life, the reality is most will grow a whole lot wiser as life drags them through the things that life always brings. They'll make friends, enjoy the kind of hyper-real intense relationships that kids always do at events like this, take themselves far more seriously than they need to, and hopefully return home understanding that the world is just a bit bigger than they previously thought.

What's also exciting is that a lot of Priests and Brothers from around the world will also be here to support the event, and many of these are of a very much greater calibre than Cardinal Pell (or the our Anglican equivalents, for that matter), and these are already having a positive impact on local churches. I know this because one, who was previously ministering in the Caucasus, is currently staying with a friend of mine, and as well as making all sorts of WYD preparations he's doing some really exciting things on the side. He's fascinating to speak with, because he's far more critical of the Roman heirarchy than I could have imagined possible (eg he strongly supports the ordination of women to the priesthood, and is very critical on the official position regarding sexuality), and yet he sees WYD as a great chance to make a positive impact on all sorts of people. He also hapens to be the most interesting person with whom to discuss Russian history I've ever met!! ;-)

So, in a nutshell, I dunno. Maybe like most things, there'll be lots o' crap with a few precious diamonds hidden in the slime. And then life will go on pretty much as it always has ... The trick to surviving it all is to never lose sight of the funny side.

Melinda Menzies said...

Awh come on guys I'm luvin WYD just to see the Sydney fundies get their knickers in a knot over it. Such a public display or RCism is just so threatening to them, and they're jealous as hell they can't put on an event of such magnitude it's hilarious to watch them squirm with the propaganda they're pumping out to their followers.

ON WYD in general, the govt expenditure is justified on the basis of bringing in tourist revenue and the subsequent revenue we'll get from the promotion of Sydney that will arise from the event.