Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Hi everyone - just a quick post to let you all know the Duck Noodle Gang is still alive, and, more importantly, to wish you all the very best for this time of year.

We're in New Zealand, where I'd hoped to write the long overdue emails to everyone I've been determined to send off while enjoying a respite from the chaos which is the life of a house-dad... but would you believe I left my notepad at home on the morning of our departure, and have instead had to endure an enforced 3 week internet abstinence? Yes, I know how dumb that was...

So instead all I can say is there'll be plenty of photos posted here when I get back, along with an article from the Christchurch paper by Bishop Victoria (the new woman Bishop), which is one of the most impressive Christmas messages ever. I'll also be lifting the game here a little following the completion of a few other projects, which means I can in all honesty promise at least more than the one post a month this place has dwindled down to.

And what else? Only this - God bless each and everyone of you!