Saturday, 23 February 2008

Yes! (and thank you everyone).

A week which couldn't possibly get any better just has: a woman has been elected the next Bishop of Christchurch New Zealand. The world into which our little chap has come just made an important turn towards a brighter future!

Thanks also to everyone for all your kind words - we're feeling quite overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by all the wonderful blessings of love and congratulations. We might be dancing in the dragon's jaw at the far end of the world - but we sure aren't alone. Thank you again, and God Bless you all.

... and now it's Saturday morning, and Miss Not-Quite-Two would like her Vegemite toast and "coffee" (frothed milk with a sprinkle of cocoa) before we take BlackStar & Fiver to the beach for a splash, a bark, and a run. After which we'll head back to the hospital to join Mummy and the little pelican for lunch and a nap. So I'd better listen to what she's telling me and "put 'puter away".

Life's good some days!


BooCat said...

Your post today reminds me that God is good and so is life on most days if we let ourselves see the good things that come our way. Thank you for sharing your joy with the rest of us.

Lindy said...

Have a great day! And bless you for the many ways you remind us of God's goodness!

Aghaveagh said...

Mmmmmmm, vegemite! So Tasty!

As for the lovely Idyllic nature of your Saturday, I am reminded of the Natalie Merchant song, "These are Days."


Alcibiades said...

should mention that Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs song: we've had it on high rotation here for the past few days. I guess it just feels right ;-)

Vegemite is an Oz thing acquired from birth: even Kiwis like my wife, who don't mind it, actually prefer Marmite; whereas for us fair dinkum (a local expression) Aussies nothing begins to compare to the genuine salty brown brewing industry by-product. Sometimes I think it might actually explain a lot of the problems we have down here - but like any addict I still keep coming back 8-)

If it's any consolation, as kids we'd see US TV shows in which the kids ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and all start gagging. Peanut butter on it's own - great, or with cheese or vegemite - but jelly??? The combination of sticky and slimy was more than we could imagine. Besides - where was the salt, and how could anyone use peanut butter and jelly to kill garden snails? It couldn't possibly work as well as Vegemite!

susan s. said...

Peanut butter and cheese? EEEEWWWWW.
Isn't it about time for another picture of the wee one? We luvs the babies at our house!