Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Caution Matthians: you won't like this song.

It's not exactly to my musical tastes, but the temptation to publicise anything seditious has always been more than I can resist. This little gem, called "The Ministry of 10% Pete", was passed on to me by someone who shall remain nameless:

I've honestly no idea who the composer or performer is - so if anyone does please contact me and they'll be suitably credited. Or they can stay anonymous if they'd prefer; I know what the machine's like ;-)

For those from other shores, "10% Pete" is a nickname our esteemed Archbishop has earned among certain wicked dissidents as a result of his vision of a 10% growth in church attendance over the next next ten years: we're currently halfway into the glorious vision for growth and numbers have actually declined in relation to Sydney's population. Still, praise God our diocese isn't declining like all the non-evangelicals are. They'll be soon be begging us to save them. Any day now, you can be sure. That's why everyone's devasted we're not going Lambeth, but someones got to make it clear to the world. And actually we're still growing, it's just that fewer people are coming along. Blah, blah, blah. Ad nauseum.

No, I can't follow the logic either. Judging by this song, someone else isn't buying into the Newspeak either. God bless 'em.


Doorman-Priest said...

Why don't YOU go to Lambeth instead?

I'm sure you'd look good in purple and I doubt ABC would notice. Just call yourself Pete and reassure him you're not the Nigerian one.

Then you could pop up and visit.

Alcibiades said...

Sounds a great idea! The ultimate gate-crash! I could call myself a "Flying Bishop" and have a wonderful time mingling around the canapes on behalf of all of us urepresented swine in the mother-country's former penal colony.

Besides, my guess is any other Aussies there would be so relieved none of the official
Sydney troublemakers were there there's no way any of them would blow my cover. Maybe it's time to start counting the frequent flyer points and booking a ticket ;-)