Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Well that settles it then.

The Very Reverend Dean Phillip Jensen has announced an "afternoon briefing" on Friday 14th March to discuss "the reasons for, and implications of, recent decisions concerning Sydney’s participation in world Anglicanism."

Four men are listed as speakers for the two hour event: the Dean himself, Anglican Church League President and Moore College lecturer "Duck" Thompson, former journalist turned Archbishop's "Media Advisor" Russell Powell, and lawyer Robert Tong. No women will be addressing the meeting. Nor, it appears, will any Bishops. And since diocesan attitudes towards homosexuality are at the core of these "recent decisions" there will naturally be no homosexuals sharing their perspective and insights.

But there will be a lawyer. Just to show that everyone's got their priorities sorted.


Brian R said...

Sometimes I hope they will just leave. They are not true Anglicans. They can leave the rest of us to seek oversight from someone like Bishop Farran of Newcastle. I think they might be surprised as to how many Sydney Anglicans actually follow them into their new small sect.