Saturday, 24 November 2007


As I write this the Rodent who has torn Australia apart is conceding defeat: John Howard's grubby regime has been soundly thrashed in today's election.

It's still debatable, but it's even looking as though Howard has lost his own seat, which makes him only the second Australian PM in history to sufffer the ultimate electoral ignominy.

The first, in 1929, was this charming creature, Viscount Stanley Bruce. He probably wasn't quite as dismal as he looked, but that's also debatable.

Beyond debate, however, is the fact that the past eleven and a half years of lies, human rights abuse, racism and environmental vandalism are over.

Thanks to everyone around the world for your prayers!


Brian R said...

My feelings exactly. Sadly, however, the new government is not Nirvana. Rudd had to promise too much conservatism in order to get elected. However let's give thanks for small mercies, the past 11 years have been a blot on Australian history.

BooCat said...

Thank God for your good luck. Pray for us in the U.S., Alcibiades. We have another long year to go