Thursday, 15 November 2007

Fiver is Happy.

My name is Fiver and I am Not A Very Big Dog and it is nearly summer hot and we went splashing in the harbour and digging holes and barking at the squawky seagulls and I ran around and around and around and nearly caught them all while the waves were splishing sploshing up the sand but I am too quick to get splooshed because I ran up onto the green green bouncy grass and rolled all the splashy away.

My name is Fiver and I am Happy.


Jasper the Wonderdog said...

Hi Fiver! I am Happy too! But I'd be happier if my mom (Doxy) took me digging and splashing today.

She says she has to Work to buy my food, though. She has promised me a long Walk this afternoon. Walks make me Happy. Especially walks where there are Squirrels.

Your friend,

Grendel said...

Hi, Fiver,

I truly love you! You are the best@!!!

I am Grendel and I am Very Happy Too!