Wednesday, 28 October 2009

...and the angels rejoice!

Great news! The Sydney branch of the truly evil Mercy Ministries has announced it is closing due to "extreme financial challenges and a steady drop in our support base".

Meanwhile their former supporter, Oedipus Houston and his equally vile church business Hillsong have shifted into damage control, doing everything possible to distance themselves from the program they once wholeheartedly supported.

Can't imagine this backflip could have anything to do with the very real case women defrauded and abused by Mercy Ministries have for compensation - could it?


Anonymous said...

Dear Alcibiades,
I really like your blog site and your thinking. Thank you. It seems a shame that you have not got a parish because I think a lot of people would seek you out for pastoral care.
Some may say that I am way off target here but I don't see a lot of difference in principle between Mercy Ministries and organisations like Narth, Exodus, Living Waters Ministries and Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. To me, they all claim to faith heal. I just see it as a form of malpractice. I really cannot understand how these organisations haven't been held accountable for fraudulent practice and violation of human rights. Seems like in some instances that religious liberty/freedom can have a devastating impact on some human beings. I often wonder why religious organisations aren't required to state openly that they believe in discrimination prior to trying to convert people. To me, it seems like a violation of the Fair Trading Act but this is only my opinion. The anti - discrimination board sees it as it is OK for these organisations to brand GLBT people as dysfunctional as long as they don't discriminate against them in seeking help for their same - sex attraction. In other words you don't deny them access to the organisation.
Thank you for speaking out on some important issues
Anonymous 2