Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Blogger Joins the List!

From Alaska the Gang is joined by Robert at Musings of an Episcopal Padre - a Priest of the very finest kind.

Given that it's currently 11° Centigrade (52°F) here on a chilly winter morning (& I'm freezing!) I can't imagine what it's like to survive an Alaskan winter, although I suspect their houses are insulated and don't have cracked floorboards through which a steady draft blows, nor do they leave the back door wide-open so the dogs can freely come and go (I also suppose Alaskan houses normally have some kind of heating, whereas our single radiator is in a room down the other hend of the house and I can't be bothered fetching it since I'm about to go out ;-) But that's what you've got to love about the internet: the way people whose worlds are so very far apart and so incredibly different can discover they have far more in common than they could have first imagined. Check out Robert's blog and you'll see what I mean.


FranIAm said...

52F - chilly??? hahahahahaah you are funny.

I know you are not kidding. Sorry, it gets cold here in Albany, but not tonight... summer hot and humid!

Anyway he has a nice blog -and I even found a post with a reference to Albany NY, so I left a comment there.

Thank you community building friend!

PseudoPiskie said...

It was 92 here today. But all houses have central heat of one sort or another and winter's teens are just a nuisance when one has to go out. And you're cold now? snicker.

Robert said...

Thanks for the very nice post in your blog about me. I rather think you are going out on a limb!

And yes, I fortunately do have heat here and my dogs have to be asked to let out, no fooling leaving the doors open.

And pseudopiskie: If it was 92 here I would have thought I was dead and in hell.