Thursday, 12 June 2008

... and now for something completely different.

Of all the places & things I've ever seen Japan is unquestionably the weirdest.

... which is not in any way to be considered a criticism.

Sandii is now a famous Japanese hula teacher (I kid you not), running schools in Yokohama and Tokyo, while the really cool dude with the glasses playing rythym guitar and keyboards is Makoto Kubota, who is now a successful Japanese music producer specialising in world music.

I promise we'll return to regular programing shortly...

... in the meantime you've got admit both Sandii and Makoto are a whole lot more attractive than the Jensens (or anyone else involved in destroying the Anglican Comumion).


FranIAm said...

Um... interesting video!!


Common union.

How Jesus called for unity and how for 2000 years, so very little has been achieved.

God must have an awfully bad headache at times.

I am grateful to be in communion with so many on these crazy intertubes.

Alcibiades said...

... and if you think the video's weird just wait till you spend a night on the town in Tokyo... ;-)

I love your play on Communion, but I often wonder about it. Jesus must have known how we'd stuff it up, and just a few years after His ascension the church was already fighting pretty bitterly - as early as Acts 15 and the Council of Jerusalem things were already pretty heated n a way that I think makes GAFCON look like a children's party - yet the whole crucifixion and ressurection thing happened anyway.

Which is my way of saying that sometimes I don't feel as pessimistic as perhaps I should ;-)

susan s. said...

After watching her hip action, I am not surprised that she teaches hula!