Saturday, 3 May 2008

Oedipus Houston wants a palace.

Sydney’s largest Assemblies of God congregation is Hillsong, a mega-church run by Oedipus Houston, and his wife Barbie. Together they make all Australians proud by proving our most expensive dentists are every bit as good as any Hollywood can offer.

Lately Pastor Oedipus and his happy-clappy revenue sources revolving door congregation have come in for a bit of criticism, since local residents are strenuously objecting to plans to build a 2,700 seat “worship & ministry complex” and seven-storey administrative tower in the middle of Roseberry, a residential community about 20 minutes walk from the Casa del Caliban.

One of the key problems is that Hillsong’s development application (allegedly based on a design directly from God) fails to include anywhere near enough parking spaces. Naturally the prosperity-focussed “kids of the King” who attend Hillsong’s 4+ services every Sunday (not to mention the dozens of mid-week meetings) wouldn’t dream of demonstrating their lack of faith by catching public transport, and since the area already has a shortage of parking the enourmous traffic pressures which will be caused by Oedipus’ tacky Taj Mahal are naturally causing everyone great concern. Not to mention the noise; can anyone begin to imagine how loud almost three thousand donors to the Pastor's Porsche Fund can get when they all start braying at God together?

In an attempt to persuade Sydney City Council to permit the development, Hillsong presented a petition from whom they claimed were locals supporting the project. However when the Roseberry Residents Action Group reviewed this list, they found just 29 of the 4000 addresses provided were valid! In one stunning example of clerical integrity an assistant pastor’s name and signature appeared in four separate entries. Elsewhere the former high ranking Hillsong employee, Leigh Coleman and his wife Vera had signed the petition twice, listing two different addresses. This great cartoon from our local paper Central says it all:

Anyone interested can find out more about Oedipus Houston’s grubby plans, and how a community has come together to resist them here.

But on the bright side, isn’t it refreshing to see someone in Sydney other than the Matthians act as if their claim to have a monopoly on God gives them the right to do and say whatever they want?


Doorman-Priest said...

Oedipus and Barbie?

You're making this up.

I guess you are not a member of the congrgation then, seeing as you could walk there.

Alcibiades said...

Ok, so their real names are Brian and Bobbie. I changed her name to something more suitable, while his nickname is more of a traditional thing, given his family history. Having risen to the position of AOG head after more than a decade of grooming by his father Frank, Brian suddenly turned and acted on what had been common knowledge for years - that his father's sudden move from NZ for Australia had been more influenced by allegations of serial pedophilia than "God's calling" - and had his father removed from ministry and defrocked.

After Frank died a few years later they had a wonderful funeral and all was forgiven, but by that time Brian had become a seriously wealthy TV preacher (having given himself control over his father's empire), and unwitting owner of an amusing new moniker when discussed by cynics like myself.

FranIAm said...

Eeew! I actually followed your links to Wiki and then to their website.



Anonymous said...

Oedipus and Barbie!

I repent for living in the same state as AoG headquarters (Missouri) - however, I voted against Ashcroft (our former MO senator and then US Atty. Gen'l is the most famous AoG layman). It's bad enough having the church around here, but internationally? Now THAT'S US imperialism...