Sunday, 30 March 2008

This blog needs an anthem.

Lots of the real blogs have anthems, so (just like Israel wanting a king) I've been hunting around for something the Duck Noodle Gang can rally around here.

This is one of the leading contenders at the moment. Aside from it being a great song, I especially like the way Natalie Merchant disproves in just a few minutes the years of "teaching" we've endured that purports women can't bring a message of inspiration and leadership.

And how great is that woman's drum line??!!


The Pagan Sphinx said...

You have made me a very happy person today!

I love music on people's blogs... and I love the music of Natalie Merchant and any band she choose to play with.

The last CD I purchased of N.M. was a title I can't remember but it has a track on it that's a cover of a Horseflies song. Do you know them? I should look this up...

There is good music at Mad Priest's today also.


Alcibiades said...

Thanks PS - glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure of the song you mention either: I'm at the office just now, but I'll go digging through my collection when I get back home and see if I can find it.

MadPriest can always be relied on to have either the very best music, or the very worst - which is probably also indicative of him as a person, and one of the reasons we all enjoy hanging out at his place. ;-)

The Pagan Sphinx said...

I hope you don't mind - I linked to your Natalie Merchant post. It's just too good not to pass along!

:-D to your comment about MP's music. I haven't been visiting there that long and still getting a feel for the place. He posts like mad and I can usually only handle one thread at a time.