Sunday, 2 December 2007

BlackStar is sorry (we had an Incident)

It all happened ‘cos Fiver an’ me were in the Cemetery Park. Dad was tapping on his ‘puter an’ we had marked lots of lovely territory all around him an’ we were the Most Very Important Dogs in the whole park.

Because it’s getting very Summer hot an’ Dad needs Protectioning I was close by under the shady tree while Fiver dug holes. Fiver doesn’t really understand Protectioning ‘cos he’s little an’ wasn’t kicked by a Man-in-Boots before coming to live with us, but I do it all the time. When you’ve had your jaw and ribs broken by a Man-in-Boots then Protectioning the ones who taught you how to Love gets in your system. This was made stronger by the time I bit the burglar’s leg so he got arrested, but Dad says I mustn’t blog too much about that because it might make the people-who-don't accept-dogs in our building get afraid of me.

I was sitting being A Very Good Dog an’ Protectioning like I was when Dad took this picture of me. If anyone wonders why I am A Unique Shape it’s because my Ancestors were Dachshund and Labrador. Dad often makes himself laugh by telling people who are pompous about these things that I am a Nova Scotian Seal-Dog (which is just something he made up) an’ then trying to keep a straight face while they pretend to know all about Seal-Dogs. Mum says I am a bad influence on Dad because she knows I understand and find it as funny as he does.

So what happened today was that a man came into our territory when Dad wasn’t looking. The man was holding a long-stick that wasn’t the playing kind of stick AND HE WAS EVEN WEARING BOOTS so I knew he was a Man-in-Boots trying to sneak up on us an’ take our territory and hurt us and MAYBE EVEN HARM DAD which just thinking about makes me go all growly and trembling.

Dad told me to CLOSE! which I usually understand but because I had been startled I thought this was a Very Serious Situation like the other time I’m not supposed to blog about which was when a man with gold chains around his neck road-raged us an’ put his hand in our car to drag Dad out and hurt him but instead he ended up learning a good lesson about Protectioning when I jumped over from the back seat.

‘Cos I was too distracted to CLOSE! Dad had to grab me. Then Fiver got excited an’ started barking an’ he had to get grabbed too an’ it was all a mess ‘cos the man in boots wasn’t really a Man-in-Boots. I know I’m supposed to look to Dad and do what he tells me like we learned when he an’ me went to Dog School every Saturday morning but that was different because people who look like the Man-in-Boots weren’t allowed to sneak up on our territory at Dog School.

Dad told me off an’ we had to go back home. Mum found out and gave Dad a lawyer talk about the New South Wales Companion Animals Act and how much trouble we could get into. Then when Dad saw how sorry I was looking he picked me up an’ gave me a Cuddle, an’ then Mum patted me too. Protectioning them is important because they understand about Cuddles …

Dad also understands about Itchy Places and Dinner, but I’ll tell you ‘bout them some other time…


Wormwood's Doxy said...

What a good dog you are, Blackstar!!! I'm sorry about "the incident," but I know you were trying to do the right thing. Protectioning is what good dogs do.

And tell your mum that I think "Nova Scotian Seal Dog" is hilarious.

Grendel said...

Wow, BlackStar, you are my Hero because you did the Protectioning in the Very Serious Incident!

It must have been So Scary with the Man-In-Boots coming to Do Bad Things, Maybe, and Not Knowing.

I don't think that you should Feel Bad. It is always better to do the Protectioning Just In Case.

I think you look strordinary, I have never met a Seal-Dog but I can see that you DO have Seal shape.

You look very sleek it must be all the Gravy and Cuddles that they give you.

I must also do the Protectioning from Men on Motorcycles and Thugs on Skateboards. That is our Job.

PS I am sorry about the Previous Bad Incidents you talk about, but it just Proves you are Noble. And you take good care of Fiver and the Humans.

your Friend,

Diane said...

Blackstar, you are a very brave dog. your dad is lucky that you want to protect him.

And you are lucky to get those hugs.