Saturday, 6 October 2007

Move over, Graham Kendrick

Since Sydney evangelicals have been demanding a boycott of Hillsong tunes on theological grounds finding home-grown hymnody has become rather difficult.

Praise be to God, however, that the void has now been filled by the goodly brethren of the Church of Bluejuice. Even the song's title "Vitriol" should be just perfect for the next fun exegesis packed Matthian hoedown:

Shame about them wearing such unreformed vestments; however I'm sure if someobody gives these clearly zealous boys & girls a Matthias Media catalogue they'll quickly see the error of their ways and start dressing more like Jesus and Paul, who always wore that most sacred of costumes, the business suit, when teaching - yet another fact previously obscured by the Satanic Popish Conspiracy.