Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Being a Sydney Anglican can kill you!

It's true! Southern Cross (the Diocesan equivalent to the USSR's Pravda) has confirmed what countless heretics have been saying for years: going to a Sydney Anglican church really can be bad for your health.
The October edition reports:

After hearing that a pilot study of six church sites found that four had loose asbestos, Synod yesterday voted unanimously to pass a new law which will help clean up the risk.

“This is not to say all properties in the Diocese are dangerous, however when sheeting breaks down… there are significant health risks,” said Robert Tong, chairman of the Diocesan Property Trust, in moving the new ordinance.

Mr Tong said the Diocese not only had a legal requirement to comply with the national asbestos management code, but a moral obligation to act quickly.

“There is a moral obligation to ensure that people who use our buildings are not exposed to risk.”

Great to see this new determination to get serious about the moral obligation to ensure people aren't exposed to risk. Now can they please extend it to protect people from the risk of harm caused by mysogyny, homophobia and sectarianism?