Saturday, 4 December 2010

Don't miss this one.

It's early Saturday morning and I was just grabbing a cup of coffee and a quick peek at the Herald before taking the gang swimming when I saw this article: Macho boys' club 'cost Anglicans millions'.

It's a concise and accurate insight into the way the machine works here, and please pray for Rev. Bradford, the priest speaking out. He's going to need all the support he can get. Also please try to not split your sides laughing at Bishop Forsyth (who was - and continues to be - a member of the committee responsible for the diocese's disastrous and idiotically negligent investment policies) as he refutes the notion that a macho culture exists: "One of the problems with church organisations is they're often too nice."



Anonymous said...

I thought exactly the same thing as you did!

Anonymous said...

Come on Al - you've got to admit Falstaff does have a point about them being too nice. Anyone else would've sacked him immediately and referred the matter to ASIC for investigation and prosecution. Instead he and his mates were allowed to sweep everything under the carpet and keep their cushy jobs (perks included).

Pity they've never thought of extending that niceness to any of the people Jesus cares about.


Brian R said...

Rev Bradford will be okay. He is one of the few Anglo-catholic priests in the diocese quite willing to stand up to the establishment. He is President of Anglicans Together

Lapinbizarre said...

Great to see you in action again. Off topic - sorry to see that Dobby Ould's attempts at damage control in the Haydn Sennitt business have swung around to smearing you again. Seems to me that at this time Sennitt deserves better than this sanctimonious scumbag masquerading as a Christian.

Alcibiades said...

Thanks Lapin. I expected the usual charmers would start shooting as soon as I stuck my head above the parapet, but it seemed more important for as many people as possible to let Haydn know he's not alone, since in the weeks and months ahead he's going to need all the support he can get.

My prayer is Haydn makes contact with someone like Eric Hudson or Anthony Venn-Brown, and I'd really appreciate it if people here could also pray/light a candle/think nice thoughts/whatever for him and others in the place he is now.

As an aside, it was telling that David Ould didn't invite him to join his church - clearly nice words are cheap, but given the "minister" who stomped all over Haydn is about as well connected to the machine as you can get the last thing an ambitious young member of the Anglican Church League wants to do is upset him.

Alcibiades said...

Since leaving that comment an invitation has now been made for him to join Ould's church - so at least writing here has accomplished something (of a sort ;-) Though it's sad (albeit predictable) that this only came as a reaction. Nor are there any questions about where that dead-end is going to lead...

Interesting also to see him calling Dominic Steele (Haydn Sennitt's former minister) 'incompetent'. I guess he's confident the next generation of ACL heavies don't spend much time sniffing around the blogs, but comparisons to the bickering and rivalry which went on among the members of Stalin's round table can't help springing to mind.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd just put it in capitals for emphasis. We have to ensure Dobby's self-righteous judgement of others is more widely known.
Poor Haydn is filled with self-hatred after being brainwashed by the Calvinists. Dobby should have some understanding, since his twin brother suffers from the same gay-obsession.