Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How dare you ask that question!!!

From Questions under business rule 6.3 at 2009 Anglican Synod (p.14) (Yes, I know I have better things to do with my time, but I'm sitting here waiting for a file to compile and upload, and was just surfing around ;-)
Questions: 20 October 2009
                Mrs Pamela Shaw to ask –
11. In the spirit of Connect09 what action has been taken, or will be taken, to
heal the hurt caused to the Anglican community both within Australia and
within the world-wide Anglican community, by our Diocese not being
represented at the Lambeth Conference in 2008?

To which the President (Archbishop Jensen) replied –

11. I am informed that the answer is as follows –
This question is out of order under business rules 6.3(4)(a) and (c) as it contains a number of assertions and offers an argument.

With that sort of pastoral response it simply amazes me how anyone could possibly call the Sydney Fundamentalist machine arrogant. And as for why their efforts at evangelism keep failing so spectacularly...


Anonymous said...

I know how the smiley feels. This diocese is the funnier the movie "A Fish Called Wanda". What's even better is that they have no idea how funny they actually are! They really think they are credible role models in Sydney, when most people view them as greedy pompous self rightous pratts... but very very funny.

Doorman-Priest said...

"Don't question me!"

(Patsy Stone - Asolutely Fabulous)

Anonymous said...

The Lambeth Conference is for Anglicans. Mr Jensen couldn't possibly attend as he runs his own denomination.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the previous comment was not written by a fundamentalist. A fundamentalist would never have syntax or grammatical errors. A fundamentalist would write very clearly...This diocese is funnier than the movie 'A Fish Called Wanda'.
##!!!!!!!!*****rant rave!!!!!!!!!####****************stupid git#####


Anonymous said...

Fr Hugh Jazz... weren't you aware of Archbishop Jensen's world renown literary scholar, Right Reverend Phillip Jensen who is the Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral? He can tell you all about Anglicanism through Baptist lenses.


I got you and Neally the Elephant couple of tickets to hear him speak. I think you both have a lot in common. They are reserved end row seats with plenty of room for comfort so you can spread out.

Anonymous said...

That evangelical fundamentalist who masquerades as a writing critic, sure gets angry when anyone deviates from the traditional missionary style. He should listen to THIS world renown scholar ...


This man accepts his limitations and realises that there are many forms of expressing love and Godliness, outside the parametres of conservitive predictability and self gratification.


Anonymous said...

These Sydney Anglicans are worse than obnoxious telemarketing callers! What are they going to do...wait outside security gates an accost residents as they leave their premises? Of course that's after they spend 3 days praying to find a way in. Don't they realise that God is not listening to them? God didn't listen when they prayed for 2 days for the return of the $160 million that they gambled away. And God's not listening to these self-centred bigots who view conversion to Christianity as collecting scalps on a belt buckle by propagating hatred concealed by slick marketing techniques. When these people begin to display a warm heart and do something unselfish and inspirational, then people may take a second look at them. And again they lie. They post on their web site that ethics teaches that their is no God. I would think that ethics teaches respect for a diverse range of people and beliefs. Actually scripture classes in schools include many diverse religions and not just Sydney Anglicanism. Sydney Anglicans fear people thinking about their faith!



Lapinbizarre said...

Amazing how many words it can take to paraphrase the old, snotty catchword "inappropriate".