Sunday, 6 July 2008

The tide turns...

Sorry about the absence folks; for the last 10 days I’ve been marinating in my own mucus with a cold and flu of such virulence I’m convinced it was developed in a laboratory somewhere by a team of ‘reasserters’ with the specific intention of making life miserable for people like me. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s no less whacky than some of the stuff that’s been recently flying around the world. “Churches within the Church”, and the Sydney leadership urging North Americans to leave their national church and form a new diocese – even though those pushing them into this idiotic move are on record as saying they won’t do it themselves because they don’t want to lose their impressive property portfolio.

The more I think about all this, the more I wonder if Anglicanism has plunged into some modernist production of King Lear - the kings have become fools, and our only hope of finding leadership and wisdom remains with the fools and jesters. Perhaps the metaphor isn’t so strange; after all, the incarnation - that outrageous point in time and history when God became human – occurred in the face of a human claiming to be God: and by the standards of even our time the Roman Emperor made a pretty convincing job of his charade. But we all know how it ended for him.

Which is why, despite a hacking cough and radioactive yellow slime oozing from my respiratory system (hey: why should my wife, kids & dogs be the only ones having to put up with my moaning ;-), I’ve never been more optimistic about the sad old diocese of Sydney and her future. Sure, our Archbishop’s acolytes see him poised on the brink of giving them a global influence of a magnitude they’ve only previously dared fantasise in their puritanical wet-dreams, but at the end of the day all that’s happening is that a fish from a very small and provincial pond is trying his luck at swimming in the ocean…

… and little fish - even if quite big in their own rockpool - invariably get eaten when their transition to the sea is guided more by hubris than wisdom. Especially if the God of Justice and Love is turning the tide in the opposite direction. I’ve never been much good at predicting the future, but this time the stagnant water that’s been choking so many of us has never looked so close to being flushed away.

I can hear the ‘important’ and ‘powerful’ of the diocese laughing already, but this ne-‘er-do-well has never forgotten Jesus’ crazy notions about seeing God through a child’s eyes. So what’s the bet that this time the powerless might fly further than anyone had dared imagine?


FranIAm said...

That is one gorgeous child!

I am so sorry that you are unwell and I can understand why you think you would be suffering from the "Jensen Virus" and perhaps you were!

Actually I had been wondering where you were, so I am delighted to see you back and sending prayers for your full recovery.

Full recovery. They Sydney Anglicans. One thought that came to me as I read your post was that there is no resurrection without a crucifixion. It would appear that with all the drama of a church within a church, new dioceses being formed around ideology rather than geography, etc - this is a crucifixion.

And what will rise, will no doubt rise in full life. May it be so, may it be soon.

My prayers always.

Brian R said...

Glad to see you back Alci, was going to make direct contact. Prayers that flu symptoms may all go. Good to see your optimism, sadly needed by me.

Robert said...

Wonderful to have you back my friend. And what a beautiful child!

susan s. said...

Yes, I was just about to quit checking in twice a day, because the headline about the crack of GAFcon was getting to me! Glad you're feeling better, and thanks for the loveliest picture of the last week. Much more lovely than others I could name..:-)

Lindy said...

I’m convinced it was developed in a laboratory somewhere by a team of ‘reasserters’

Let's not give them any ideas.
I take it that you are up and going again. So sorry for your misery.

I hope you're right about the stagnant water about to be flushed out. And I hope that little girl grows up in a church where everyone is treated like a child of God... what a foolish idea! May it prevail!