Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back in the Emerald City

David Williamson's biting satire not withstanding, from several thousand feet Sydney looked more sapphire this morning, if this photo snapped from the aircraft window is any indication.

It's strange, because the more I look at this picture (which faces south: the Harbour Bridge is just to the left of dead centre), the more I find myself both charmed and appalled by the place. From the right angles it's undoubtedly beautiful, breathtakingly so. Yet the vast bulk of Sydney - which this picture doesn't show - is as ugly as the facade is attractive. Think East L.A. without Latino colour and Googie achitecture & signage. And hotter.

Either way, the Duck Noodle Gang is back in town. And wishing all the best to everyone for the coming year, wherever you may find yourself landing.


Brian R said...

Welcome home, however you are a little hard on Sydney. I am no defender of the city and cannot wait to leave but to compare it with LA is a bit unfair. It has its depressing regions like all big cities but I would rather compare it with San Francisco.